What are the advantages of the linkleek solution?

  • No upstream production costs for the manufacture of all your products.
  • Turnkey logistics for optimal time saving.
  • Support throughout your life as an artist


What type of printing do you use?

Depending on the products, we use high quality digital printing and embroidery for the textile and sublimation for the object.

Will my artist site be visible on Google?

All our sites are optimized for referencing and are visible on Google after a few days by search engine optimization. This optimization is carried out at the launch of the site. The artist is also invited to add the url to his name on his networks in order to facilitate the placement of his site in searches.

We won't do any daily referencing.

Can I sell my products at the price I want?

Each product has a minimum selling price, you have the possibility to sell it at a higher price if you wish.

How many products can I sell on my site?

In collaboration with your teams, we put up to 5 products online per commercial operation.

Once the site has been launched and the first operations have been completed, we can also work on single-product pre-order operations for your fans.

How long will it take for my website to be available?

After subscribing to the service, you will receive a form to fill in which we will learn more about your world. You will also have the opportunity at that time to send us all your graphic and editorial content.

Once the form and the various contents are in our possession, allow 30 days for the definitive online publishing of your website.

How much will I earn on my products?

The minimum amount paid varies according to the service cost applied to the product. If you want to sell your products at a higher price, it is possible, we do not take any additional costs. The royalty grid can be consulted at the bottom of this page.

Cost of service includes support for product development, logistics, management of payment fraud, after-sales service or product exchange management by our team and our margin.

What are the delivery zones?

We deliver internationally, outside Cuba, to Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Africa.

What are the delivery times of the products?

Delivery times are available on each product sheet and adapted according to the country.

- FRANCE (except DOM): 6 to 8 working days
- INTERNATIONAL: 6 to 12 working days

Do I own my domain name?

The annual subscription to our service, takes care of the domain name and hosting for each artist. After one year, you have the possibility to renew your subscription or to stop it and request the domain transfer.

Can I manage my newsletter?

Two solutions are available to you.

You are at ease with sending newsletters, you have direct access to the export of opt-in customers and you can carry out your marketing campaigns independently.

You do not control the sending of newsletters, we can carry out the sending for you. This service will be billed according to the volume of e-mail sent.

Send Table :

(0.020€ HT/unit) - 0 to 9999
(0.0150 HT/unit) - 10,000 and over

Can I use and offer promo codes to my fans?

It is possible to activate the PROMO CODE feature, however, this will directly impact your earnings.

Example: a tshirt at 25€, on which we currently pay you 9.01€.

If you apply a coupon code to 10%, you will have 6.51€ left to win.

Can I make embroidery items?

It is quite possible that your articles are made of embroidery.

We use it on accessories such as the hat or cap. For the textiles (tshirt, polo ...), we will be able to propose it to you only on small areas of realization.

Take the example of the t-shirt or polo shirt, the embroidery could be available on the front side heart. 

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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