Discover the technique of these famous artists who fatten up with merchandising.

November 27, 2019

For many years, artists sold merchandise such as t-shirts and posters simply to make money.

This may not have been the most important source of income when CD sales were still one of the best sources of revenue. When people stopped buying music through piracy sites like Napster and then through streaming giants like Spotify, Pandora, etc., merchandising took on a new importance.

Artists of all sizes need to generate additional income wherever they can, and for those who have not yet achieved superstar status, the sale of merchandising products becomes essential.

Now an artist's merchandising has taken on a new meaning once again, but this time it's not just about money.

Artists such as Stromae, Big flo et oli, Columbine, and a few other savvy artists have managed to turn their merchandise into a full-fledged brand that provides them with a comfortable additional income in addition to the sale of physical and dematerialized music.

Unfortunately this number is still too low and many artists even today are still struggling to live comfortably from the success of their music.

Wearing a piece of clothing or using a product bearing that rapper's name or band logo has always seemed to be a way for fans, sometimes millions of them, to connect with these artists in a physical way.

When a fan wears a shirt, a hat or uses something with one of his favourite artist's logos on it, that object is usually seen by many people.

Merchandising has now become a must-have medium for all artists who want to reach their most ardent fans, especially when they are not on stage or on tour.

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