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A complete solution for Artist Entrepreneurs

Artists, influencers, dancers... thanks to your website, bring your artistic ideas to life and earn new income.
En lien direct avec votre actualité, nous t’accompagnons dans le développement de tes produits de A à Z pour vendre plus et au bon moment.

Professional website

A professional website for an optimized communication.

A professional website in your image, to share with your fans, your artistic universe and to generate new income thanks to the products. A follow-up of your sales, royalties and visitor statistics can be consulted via your dashboard at any time. A solution designed for  te enable turn your fans into customers simply, quickly and efficiently.

Like the most Hype brands, create your own products...

Une collection à chacunes de tes actus, sans aucune avance de frais pour vendre tes produits.

Your visual creations on a panel of more than thirty products. We manage the manufacturing without any advance payment, deliver your products internationally and provide after-sales service. Real-time monitoring of fashion trends and additional revenue each month, without production expenses.

Site version App

Always close to your fans.

Thanks to the application version, your fans won't miss any more of your news. Your site is available directly on their mobile.

To test, click here from your mobile and add the site to your home screen.


Earn new revenue from products.

Our costs are based on minimum selling prices, if you wish to sell your products more expensive, this is possible, we don't take any additional costs.


Export your fan base at any time.

At any time, export your fans' mails* and realize your own marketing campaigns or automation funnels. On request, we can also carry out the installation of a pixel.

*mail opt-in

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