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Our Story

Over the Years


The foundations

It all started with a visionary idea, that of creating a space where artists

could fully live from their art and increase their creative freedom tenfold.


Streamymerch v.1

Streamymerch, first version of the concept launched.

Update provision of an individual website by subscription and a shop of derivative products without manufacturing and shipping costs dedicated to independent artists (singers, musicians, etc.)


Streamymerch becomes Merchofficiel

  • Lancement de la beta Merchofficiel.
  • Phase de test et d’ajustement.
  • Lancement d’une plateforme en ligne avec la mise à disposition d’un shop sans abonnement.
  • Adaptation stratégique en réponse aux besoins des utilisateurs.

Creation of the Linkleek app

Innovation continues. Development of the Linkleek Super App which opens new avenues of monetization and creative freedom for artists, enriching the way they connect with their fans.

Simplified and automated operation to increase revenue.


Launch of Linkleek beta app

Initial testing, pre-launch invitation to a small group before the official launch.


  • New user categories: Athletes, comedians, actors, comedians, entertainment.
  • New monetization sources for artists
  • A new operation based on commitment and fan loyalty.

Official launch of the app

The new creative freedom is born.

The application is available for all independent artists (singer, athletes, comedians, actors, comedians,
entertainment) and their fans.